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The World's largest AI-Enabled Community in Food

As part of ExpoCulinaire's endeavour to fostering connections and empowering culinary talent, we are thrilled to introduce our INNOVATION PARTNER...

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An engaging, interactive platform where Chefs, Enthusiasts, and the Industry in Food seamlessly network, promote, collaborate, share knowledge, foster learning, and help find jobs and validated talent.


To learn more, visit the ‘Foodverse Feature’ area at ExpoCulinaire and attend exclusive workshops scheduled at 30-minute intervals for the Chefs and Brands in the Industry!

FOR CHEFS – Showcase expertise, access learning, connect with mentors, gain recognition, monetize skills, and explore endless career opportunities, all in one seamless platform.  Take advantage of the professional photography and create your profile with assistance for global exposure and career growth.


FOR THE INDUSTRY – Discover how Foodverse can elevate your brand, enhance visibility, and increase market share.


Foodverse, a vibrant ecosystem that will transcend geographical boundaries to harness the potential of People and the Industry in Food.


@ExpoCulinaire 2024

SIGN UP for FREE to the Foodverse App

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